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AppleWorkshop for TeachersTM

AppleWorkshop for Teachers
(covers version 6.0 only)

“This book is a spectacular resource!”
    —Pete Black, Teacher, Chubbuck Elementary School, Chubbuck, ID

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ClarisWorkshop for Teachers (5.0 & earlier)
(covers versions 5.0 & earlier)

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Publisher: Tom Snyder Productions

Description: Teachers and trainers across the country recommend Janet Caughlin's best-selling book AppleWorkshop for Teachers as the #1 AppleWorks tutorial on the market--bar none. Janet has poured her nationally respected expertise on the popular and important AppleWorks (formerly ClarisWorks) all-in-one program, as well as her 29 years of classroom experience as a teacher and trainer into this resource, which is now in its 6th edition. It's your quickest introduction and best reference tool for AppleWorks.

  • The step-by-step lessons in this book contain tons of screen shots and visuals. You follow right along on the computer, using templates you open from the accompanying CD-ROM.

  • This book has been carefully designed to help both first timers as well as advanced users make better use of their valuable teaching time. You can learn as much as you want at your own pace. Trainers can print out individual lessons to teach specific concepts, or they can use the book as the basis of a complete stand alone class or training unit.

  • AppleWorkshop for Teachers (formerly ClarisWorkshop for Teachers) is the only AppleWorks tutorial with simultaneous and complete coverage of 5.0, 4.0, 3.0 and 2.1 versions of both the Macintosh and Windows versions of AppleWorks. A special new book, AppleWorkshop for Teachers 6.0 focuses exclusively on the recently released AppleWorks 6.0, including its new Presentation module.

  • All editions of AppleWorkshop for Teachers cover the word processing, drawing, painting, spreadsheet and database modules, plus advanced AppleWorks features. The 6.0 version also covers AppleWorks' powerful new Presentation module.

  • Both the book and the CD-ROM are jam packed with practical classroom ideas and resources including original clip curricular clip art.

Media & Platform: Mac/Win CD-ROM


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on AppleWorks 6:

- AppleWorks 6: What's Happening?

AppleWorkshop for Teachers 6.0
(6th edition; covering v6.0 only)
ISBN: 1-57369-683-8
ClarisWorkshop for Teachers
(5th edition; covering v5.0 and earlier)
ISBN: 1-57369-137-2
ClarisWorkshop for Teachers
(3rd edition; covering v4.0 and earlier)
ISBN: 1-57369-059-7

ATTENTION Administrators:
Give your trainers even MORE—see how easy it is to schedule Janet for a customized, in-person AppleWorks training, based on her book.

System Requirements:

  • AppleWorkshop for Teachers 6.0:
    -Macintosh: Mac PowerPC, 24MB physical RAM with virtual memory set to at least 25MB, System 8.1 or higher, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, AppleWorks 6.0 program.

    -Windows: 386SX CPU or higher / 16 Mhz / 8 MB RAM /, Windows 95 or higher, 13" VGA monitor / 640x480 / 256 colors, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, AppleWorks 6.0 program (not included).

  • ClarisWorkshop for Teachers: (OUT OF PRINT)
    -Macintosh: 4MB RAM, System 7 or higher, ClarisWorks 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 program, or the AppleWorks (formerly ClarisWorks) 5.0 program.

    -Windows: 4MB RAM, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, ClarisWorks 2.1, 3.0, 4.0 program, or AppleWorks (formerly ClarisWorks) 5.0 program.


1 Book $34.95

Ordering Info:

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Order this book from Tom Snyder Productions

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Testimonials & Reviews:

“ClarisWorkshop for Teachers is the most asked for inservice guide in our collection. It has proven to be an excellent resource for instructors and the perfect take-home reference for workshop participants. The step-by-step directions and accompanying graphics make the ClarisWorks procedures easy to follow.”
—Tony Deeb, Supervisor of Instructional Media, Omaha Public Schools, Omaha, NE
—Elizabeth H. Hamilton, teacher, North Elementary, Concord, NC
“Great book—written for teachers in easy to understand terminology!”
—Yolanda M. Harrison, Ascot Ave. Elementary School, Los Angeles, CA
“I can throw out the manual that came with the program!"
—Kathleen Schroeder, Hoover Elementary Bettendorf, Davenport, IA
“This is a great teaching and learning tool. Thanks.”
—Janet Cantor, Teacher, Hemingway, Ketchum, ID
“Wonderfully helpful book!”
—Mrs. Thora Bohannon, Teacher, LaFayette Elementary, LaFayette, CA
“Great book! The actual screens are very helpful.”
—Deb Shumaker, Teacher, Fairview Area Schools, Fairview, MI
“Excellent! I see and I understand!”
—Mike Castillo, teacher, Fairmont Elementary, Sanger, CA

“This book is great. It's like having your own tutor right there. The comprehensive index makes the book an excellent reference. It is easy to find just the right information to solve a problem, and not have to wade through an entire chapter of material. We have successfully used the Caughlin book to inservice hundreds of teachers."
Lou Ann Kinderknecht, Technology Inservice Instructor, Omaha Public Schools, Omaha, NE
“Excellent! Thank you!”
—S. Mary Cyprian Borowski, SSND, Holy Family School, Oglesby, IL
“Wonderful! Used it to teach 4 week long workshops.”
—Lenora Shilston, Teacher, Hallmark, Pensacola, FL
“Great Organization—Clear—Pictures of windows/menus great.”
—Donna Pauler, teacher, Austin, TX
“I love it! It’s helped me so much and it’s easy to use!”
—Jean Altender, Teacher, Auburn, CA
“Great program--Clear & easy to use.”
—Joan Marion, Principal, Loma Verde Elementary, San Anselmo, CA
“Nice, clear instructions. Easy to follow. Extremely helpful.”
—Evelyn Glenn, Teacher, Kittson Central High School, Hallock, MN
“This book is the most valuable money I’ve spent on computer education.”
—Donna Osborne, Teacher, David Douglas #40, Portland, OR
“Excellent manual—I love it! I’m now using both MAC and PC versions!”
—Beverly Johnson, Region 18 ESC, Midland, TX
“Thank you for writing this book.”
—Paul F. Bodling, Teacher, St. John’s Lutheran School, Winston, NC
“I love ClarisWorks!”
—Vickie Mathis, Teacher, Pleasant Grove Elementary, Pensacola, FL
“Wish I had gotten this book earlier. I plan to use portions of it in a college class for teachers. Very clear, to the point, and simple to follow.”
—Helen Cole, Teacher, Finger Lake School, Wasilla, AK
"Very helpful and useful descriptions of the many extras ClarisWorks contains.”
—Ann S. Dana, National-Louis University, Hinsdale, IL
"Great workbook. Best I have seen! Use it & recommned it to others.”
—Tina Sabin, Teacher, D.A. Grout School, Portland, OR
“This was a worthwhile investment.”
—Brenda Millich, Teacher, St. Mary School, Montesano, WA
“Lifesaver of a book.”
—Judson Locke, Teacher, Bibb County High School, Centreville, AL
“This has been so helpful, I purchased two lab packs for our teachers who have Macs.”
—Mary W. Morrow, School of Discovery, Selma, AL
“This is the best ‘teachers’ book I’ve run across. Great job.”
—Alice Strachan Barr, U.S. Embassy (AIS/D), Washington, D.C.
“A great tool for me to use to teach teachers.”
—Toni Shadiack, No. 25, Paterson, N.J.
“Splendid product. Just what I’ve been looking for. SMASHING!”
—Richard Williams, Heritage High School, Saginaw, MI
“Good book—not full of bad projects. Concise & in big enough print. Valuable. I teach teachers and recommend it a lot.”
—Bonnie Meltzer, Teacher Trainer, Portland, OR
“I never realized all the neat things I could do with ClarisWorks! Thank you.”
—Gay Smith, Joshua Tree Elementary, Joshua Tree, CA
"A brief read-through of the word processing section had me wishing that I had had this book as a Claris beginner. The author does an exceptional job of explaining the features of this program in a clear, concise manner....Illustrations of screens are interspersed with text in a way which provides little opportunity for confusion...Intermediate users of ClarisWorks will find, as I did, that there is meat in this book. Drawing and Painting, features of the program which were not well-known to me, are explained in a manner that captivates. I found brief explanations on memory allocation and the differences between the file sizes of similar graphic objects created in each of these applications which explained old mysteries to me. Both the Spreadsheet and Database sections are explained in the same complete manner...Aside from recommending ClarisWorkshop to anyone wanting to learn or develop skills with ClarisWorks, I am pleased to have it on my shelf as a reference. I also think that schools that are teaching ClarisWorks in a lab situation would find this an exceptional text for student use.”
—Doug Squire, Science/Math Resource, EOU School of Education and Business, La Grande, OR

“I love your book, etc., and have suggested others purchase it also.”
—Carolyn Blake, Teacher, Lincoln Elementary, Dickinson, ND

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