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AppleWorkshop for Students:TM
Grades 7-12

ClarisWorkshop for Students: Grades K-6
    —Brenda Cantrell, teacher, Aessent Heights Elementary, Tacoma, WA

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Publisher: Tom Snyder Productions

Description: Teachers across the country recommend Janet Caughlin's best-selling book AppleWorkshop for Students 6.0: Secondary 7-12 as the #1 AppleWorks tutorial for secondary students--bar none. Janet has poured her nationally respected expertise on the popular and important AppleWorks (formerly ClarisWorks) all-in-one program, as well as her 29 years of classroom experience as a teacher and trainer into this resource. Jam-packed with ready-to-use, step-by-step lesson plans used by teachers around the country, this book is your best tool to help your students master the wide range of computer skills in AppleWorks.

  • The step-by-step lessons in this book contain tons of screen shots and visuals. Students follow right along on the computer, using templates they open from the accompanying CD-ROM. Students can either complete the lessons in class or as a take home assignment.

  • This book has been carefully designed to be flexible and fit right into your curriculum. The more than 30 lessons provide a wonderful resource for any subject and are aimed at both first timers as well as advanced users of multimedia in technology infused classrooms. Students can learn as much as they want at their own pace. You can print out individual lessons and blacklines to teach specific concepts, or you can use the book as the basis of a complete stand alone class or unit.

  • Lessons in both editions of this book cover all portions of the program:

    • Word Processing (Letter Writing, Outlines, Research Reports, Stationary Creation, and Newsletters);
    • Drawing & Painting (Business Cards, Weather Charts, Slide Shows on Mitosis, Conjugations, Mythology, Primitive Technology, Animation);
    • Spreadsheet (in Pre-Algebra, The Ocean Floor, Historical Calendars, Nutrition, Budget Planning);
    • Database (of Native Americans, States, Presidents, Vacation Sites, Budget Planning, and Famous Women);
    • Advanced Features (Creating a Home Page and Using Internet Graphics in Documents).
    • The 6.0 edition also covers AppleWorks' powerful new Presentation module.

  • ClarisWorkshop for Students: Secondary 7-12 is the only ClarisWorks tutorial with simultaneous and complete coverage of 4.0, 3.0 and 2.1 versions of both the Macintosh and Windows versions of ClarisWorks. The special new edition of the book, AppleWorkshop for Students 6.0: Secondary 7-12, focuses exclusively on the recently released AppleWorks 6.0, including its amazing new Presentation module.

  • Both the book and the CD-ROM are loaded with practical classroom resources including original curricular clip art.

Media & Platform: Mac/Win CD-ROM


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- AppleWorks 6: What's Happening?

AppleWorkshop for Students 6.0: Secondary 7-12
(2nd edition; covering v6.0 only)
ISBN: [not yet available]
ClarisWorkshop for Students: Secondary 7-12 (OUT OF PRINT)
(1st edition; covering v4.0 and earlier)
ISBN: 1-57369-093-7

System Requirements:

ATTENTION Administrators:
Give your trainers even MORE—see how easy it is to schedule Janet for a customized, in-person AppleWorks training, based on her book.

  • AppleWorkshop for Students 6.0: Secondary 7-12
    -Macintosh: Mac PowerPC, 24MB physical RAM with virtual memory set to at least 25MB, System 8.1 or higher, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, AppleWorks 6.0 program.

    -Windows: 386SX CPU or higher / 16 Mhz / 8 MB RAM /, Windows 95 or higher, 13" VGA monitor / 640x480 / 256 colors, CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, AppleWorks 6.0 program (not included).

  • ClarisWorkshop for Students: Secondary 7-12 (OUT OF PRINT)
    -Macintosh: 4MB RAM, System 7 or higher, ClarisWorks 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0 program.

    -Windows: 4MB RAM, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, ClarisWorks 2.1, 3.0, or 4.0 program.


1 Book: $34.95


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Testimonials & Reviews:

“Enrichment lessons that will be beneficial to any established curriculum.”
—Janice Schlottmann, Technology Learning Specialist, Bay City, TX
“Liked format. Quick and easy to follow. Written the way teachers think.”
—Brenda Meyer, Computer Coordinator, Houston, TX
“Well-organized, clear and precise way of approaching ClarisWorks for the staff as well as the students.”
—Mike Burns, Director of Technology, Omaha Public Schools, Omaha, NE
“Great! Keep it up! Especially section on Drawing and Painting”
—Sister M. Carmel Anderson, teacher, Our Lady of Guadalupe School, Fullerton, CA
“Love it!”
—Margaret G. Barrett, teacher, Jordan Elbride Schools, Jordan, NY
"Fantastic ideas, directions & layout!”
—VaReane Heese, teacher, Springfield Elementary, Springfield, NE
—Ardis Bunn, teacher, Toll Middle School, Glendale, CA
“This book is wonderful!! Please send me info on your other products.”
—Janet C. Johnson, teacher, King Junior High, Mesa, AZ

“Very helpful with my 6th graders!”
Jane Maness, teacher, Harding Academy, Memphis, TN
“Very helpful, and a lot of info.”
—Nancy Hoffman, teacher, East Derry memorial School, Derry, NH
“An excellent book!”
—Donna Schmidt, teacher, Faith Christian School, Rickreall, OR
“Great Books! I bought all three: Teachers & the two Students books.”
—Tammy Brenner, teacher, Milwaukie Christian, Brookfield, MA
“Excellent product.”
—Barbara Selland, Teacher, Rio Linda Jr. High School, Rio Linda, CA
"I really enjoy working with your books.”
—Jane Mais, Teacher, North Linn Middle School, Troy Mills, IA
“...very well laid out....Well done!”
—Ron Poulos, Teacher, Santa Lucia Middle School, Cambria, CA
“This book is wonderful!! Please send me info on your other products.”
—Janet C. Johnson, Teacher, Kino Jr. High School, Mesa, AZ

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