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Great Math Puzzle & Game Sites
Recommended by Teachers

By Janet Caughlin, Workshop Books
Published: 07/24/2000

What can you do to keep those inquiring minds busy when students are done with their homework? You can make linked pages or Web pages that send them to fun math sites. They'll have a great time while they're practicing their math skills. Try the sites listed below. Let me know what you think of them. If you send me your favorite sites, I'll post them periodically. The first sites were submitted by Dedra Braxmeyer who teaches at Papillion-LaVista High School in Omaha, Nebraska

How can you get students to practice their math skills in their free time? Send them to great math sites!"

Play Tic Tac Toe while practicing exponents, square roots, and other mathematical operations.
Math and science puzzles to challenge kids, teachers, parents, great fun!

Great puzzles and games, most have graphics"
Play Math Baseball while solving equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Read and investigate problem, then submit your answer

Explore and learn more about fascinating fractals

Optical Illusions and other interesting phenomenon - View the exhibit list on the left side
of the screen.

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