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New Book Helps Teachers
Use Microsoft Word
Across the Curriculum

By Kim Goodman, Tom Snyder Productions
Published: 07/26/2000

WATERTOWN, MA April 4, 2000 - Tom Snyder Productions is proud to announce the release of Word Workshop for Teachers, the latest in a series of how-to books for educators. Written by well-known author and teacher Janet Caughlin, Word Workshop for Teachers is a guide to using Microsoft's best-selling word processing program in the classroom.

Caughlin wrote Word Workshop for Teachers from the perspective of a former teacher."
The book contains step-by-step lessons on Word that can help teachers meet their curriculum objectives, as well as a CD-ROM full of clip art, templates, and sample files of teacher and student projects.

Caughlin, a teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience, is also the author of PowerPoint Workshop for Teachers, as well as several other books aimed at helping educators integrate technology into their classrooms. Word Workshop for Teachers comes with a Mac/Win CD-ROM of sample presentations and costs $34.95.

Teachers can use the book and CD-ROM to create:

-- Custom assignment sheets and math worksheets
-- Web Quest sheets and Web pages
-- Engaging multi-media presentations
-- Colorful handouts
-- Mail-merge letters

Templates and sample project files can easily be customized to help teachers and students create a variety of presentations and activities, from a vocabulary bingo sheet to a worksheet illustrating the metamorphosis of a caterpillar complete with links to the Internet pictures, to a self-study sheet for students complete with related movies downloaded from the Web. The lesson ideas in the book are written and tested by real teachers and include objectives and materials needed.

Caughlin wrote Word Workshop for Teachers, from the perspective of a former teacher. "The step-by-step lessons each take only a few minutes to complete so teachers can squeeze them in during their busy day. And as a teacher and media specialist, I know that pictures can enhance the clarity of the message, so a graphic of the completed presentation is included in every lesson plan."

Tom Snyder Productions is a leading developer and publisher of educational software for K-12 classrooms. Dedicated to the art of teaching, Tom Snyder Productions creates innovative software to support and inspire great teaching and learning. Tom Snyder Productions is a subsidiary of Torstar, a Toronto-based information and entertainment communications company. Tom Snyder Productions is part of Torstar's CSEP (Children's Supplementary Educational Publishing) Division which includes Frank Schaffer Publications, Delta Education, Brighter Vision, and

For further information, please visit or contact Kim Goodman at (617) 926-6000, Ext. 276.

Kim Goodman is Marketing Communications Coordinator for Tom Snyder Productions. This press release reprinted courtesy of Tom Snyder Productions.

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