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By Janet Caughlin, Workshop Books
Published: 05/12/1999

This is the first issue of "The CaughLine." I'd like to give you a glimpse of the topics I'll be writing about. And, since will remain under construction for the next few months, I'd like to give you an outline of what the the web site will offer when it's completed.

A key goal of the site is to share experiences and ideas with others."
Move your mouse across the tabs at the top of the Home Page. You'll notice a quick explanation of each link appears. Right now only E-mail Janet Training and Where's Janet are active. We're working to get the rest up as fast as we can.

The main focus of this site is to answer your questions about AppleWorks/ClarisWorks, Home Page, PowerPoint and other software in the Workshop Books product and training lines. You can click "E-mail Janet" write about your problem and I'll try to solve it. Soon you'll also be able to click on the title of the book and find technical information and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

The Articles portion of the site will archive "The CaughLine" columns. Every month this column will include topics such as upcoming books requests for templates and lesson plans discussions on progress of AppleWorks, Microsoft Office, and Home Page software product revisions and "how-to" tips. The next two columns will provide an update on the status of AppleWorks version 6.0 and preview the upcoming release of the PowerPoint Workshop for Teachers book. You'll be able to submit articles too.

A key goal of the site is to share experiences and ideas with others. In the near future will have a Message Board - a gathering place for us technology enthusiasts to post ideas and tips.

Another focus of this site is to give you information about books and trainings. The area of the site dealing with my software tutorials will be completed soon. In the meantime we have temporary links to other sites that have product information (click on a book title). One of the services in the product information areas will be a searchable archive of testimonials where you'll be able to add your comments. You'll access this section by clicking on a book title.

I'm excited about the "Where's Janet" section where you'll find detailed information on my training and conference schedule. I hope we can talk in person when I'm in your area.

Please e-mail me and let me know what you think of this site OK?

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