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Handhelds for Teachers and Administrators Debuts

By Kim Goodman, Tom Snyder Productions
Published: 11/21/03

WATERTOWN, MA November 21, 2003 -- Tom Snyder Productions announces the release of Handhelds for Teachers & Administrators ™, the latest in a series of how-to books for educators. Written by well-known author and teacher Janet Caughlin and teacher Tony Vincent, Handhelds for Teachers & Administrators is a complete guide to using Pocket PCs and Palm OS handhelds in the classroom. The book contains lessons using handhelds that can help teachers meet their curriculum objectives, as well as a CD-ROM of over 70 software programs for handhelds including cross-curricular applications, teacher applications, databases, games, and more. Handhelds for Teachers & Administrators also contains an overview of hardware and software, a glossary of handheld terms, and advice on funding and grants.

I thought I knew how handhelds were used in schools. After talking to teachers and administrators, I'm amazed by the variety of ways these powerful tools are used"
Caughlin’s objective in writing Handhelds was to help teachers integrate a powerful learning tool into their classrooms, using time-tested lesson ideas and tips from educators around the country. “I thought I knew how handhelds were used in schools, but after traveling around the country and talking to teachers and administrators, I'm amazed by the variety of ways these powerful tools are used. Educators were so eager to share their ideas with me. They really wanted to share the point that handhelds were improving the quality of their teaching.”

Ideas from educators across the country will enable teachers to create a variety of lessons customized for their own classrooms and needs. From students measuring the pH in water using Palm handhelds with ImagiProbe adapters, to a social studies teacher using her Palm IIIs to teach about government, there are lesson ideas for every subject and every teacher.

Caughlin, a teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience, is also the author of PowerPoint Workshop for Teachers ™, Word Workshop for Teachers ™, Excel Workshop for Teachers ™, and several other books in the Workshop Book series, which help educators integrate technology into their classrooms. Tony Vincent is a 5th grade teacher and is nationally known for his expertise with handhelds. Handhelds for Teachers & Administrators includes a Mac/Win CD-ROM and costs $35.

Tom Snyder Productions
Tom Snyder Productions, a Scholastic company, is a leading developer and publisher of educational software for K-12 classrooms. The company was founded over 20 years ago by Tom Snyder, a former science and music teacher, who pioneered the utilization of technology in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning. Today Tom Snyder Production carries over 100 award-winning software titles covering each curriculum area, developed with strict adherence to high standards for quality and innovation. Their products help teachers meet curriculum goals in over 375,000 classrooms, improving student performance and understanding.

For further information, please visit the Handhelds product page or contact Kim Goodman at (617)926-6000, Ext. 276.

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